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An easy, fast and powerful way to raise funds for all of your dreams.

UFANDAO – Where dreams find their wings.

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Credit card, Bank transfer, Direct debit, PayPal, Cryptocurrency
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Was bedeutet UFANDAO bieten?

UFANDAO is, at its heart, a decentralized fundraising platform, ushering in a new era where everyone is invited to realize their dreams while supporting others.

We are on a mission to empower individuals to come together around the causes and needs that are pivotal, and to transform their wishes into reality.

The principle of mutual benefits is the cornerstone of our community. It catalyzes a revolutionary concept in fundraising, where every contribution is equitably and directly distributed among members.

With UFANDAO, your dream is not just pursued, it’s championed and supported every step of the way!

In wen kann investiert werden UFANDAO?

UFANDAO platform – fundraising oppotunities – for anybody who has own dream:

– Fully Peer-to-Peer: All donations between members are real-time, direct, and secure. Utilize your preferred method to receive funds to your personal account, including card-to-card, PayPal, Wise, crypto wallets, etc.

– Instant access to funds: Get all donations directly in a real time. No mediatorst hat accumulate your funds with peer-to-peer payments.

– Zero commissions: As all donations take place between community members directly via any preferred payment method.

– Community-powered: We believe in fostering a better world, where everyone benefits from being part of a community that values them and their dreams.

Was sind UFANDAO Gebühren?

Platform works with donations by user-to-user (there are no investments) without comissions. 

Community-powered: Join a community of like-minded individuals and bring your dreams to fruition. Leverage the robust force of the UFANDAO community and its mutually beneficial concept to maximize the impact of your fundraising endeavors!

Decentralized: There is no third-party or mediator between givers and receivers. The platform doesn’t hold members’ funds; you are the sole host of your fundraising campaign, maintaining full control and autonomy over your activities.

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