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            Genervest is a whole new way to invest ethically and socially. It lets investors – who they call Genervestors – big and small – grow their money while supporting the energy...


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            We offer more collateral compared to other crowdfunding platforms. For example, we offer mortgage security whereby the investor has the first right to a refund if financial...


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            The Best Crowdfunding & Fundraising Site for Individuals & Charities! Collect money online for yourself or someone else. Start a fundraiser for your cause for free and in m...


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            ZonnepanelenDelen connects solar energy projects with people and organizations who want to invest in them through a loan. A unique feature of this loan is that it can be su...

            The 1%Club story is about strengthening people in creating positive change in their community, city, country – or the whole world. Because we believe that ordinary people c...

            All4Funding is a small platform with a big ambition. We have an honest no-nonsense attitude and we believe that investing in real estate and/or companies is the new saving ...

            AndersFinancieren is a funding platform for social projects. We focus on donors and investors who want to invest in, among other things, long-term care, education, and sust...

            Stichting distinguishes itself in taking its responsibility by playing a positive, connecting and helpful role towards donors and foundations that take car...

            Ay. Go. Dutch. Our name says it all. 'Ay' stands for yes in English: “Yes, I'm going for promising Dutch projects”. We believe in good ideas and make them possible with cr...

            Fair is fair: in the financial world, the customer's interest is usually not the same as the interest of the financial service provider. For example: if you are looking for...

            Es gibt 57 {type} Crowdfunding-Plattformen in Netherlands. Sie konzentrieren sich darauf, verschiedene Anlagemöglichkeiten für Privatanleger und akkreditierte Anleger anzubieten.

            Der Mindestinvestitionsbetrag variiert von Plattform zu Plattform und hängt normalerweise von der Branche oder bestimmten Plattformzielen ab. Auf dieser Auflistung finden Sie Crowdfunding-Plattformen, die Investitionsmöglichkeiten ab € mit einem maximalen Investitionsbetrag von € bieten.

            Als Crowdfunding-Plattformverzeichnis überprüfen wir die aktivsten Crowdfunding-Plattformen, wenn sie sich melden und ihr Profil beanspruchen.

            Fun Fact: Von allen hier aufgeführten Crowdfunding-Plattformen wurde die älteste im und die jüngste im gegründet.