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InRento is a crowdfunding platform for buy-to-let rental properties, offering investment opportunities and alternative loans. Regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.

Minimale Investition
500 EUR
Ausgeschriebene Rücksendung
Bank transfer
25,248,911 EUR
Durchschnittliche Kreditdauer
Was bedeutet Inrento bieten?

InRento is a buy-to-let crowdfunding platform that allows investors to invest in carefully selected rental properties easily.

In wen kann investiert werden Inrento?

People (adults) over 18 years old who hold a bank account. Before investing, clients must confirm their identity and choose one of the payment systems – Paysera or Mangopay.


Was sind Inrento Gebühren?

InRento clients are not subject to any investment fees when investing in fixed-interest rate projects on the primary market.

Investors are only subject to a 2% secondary market fee if an investor decides to sell their investment to another investor before the loan is repaid.

In addition, if the project owner is non-compliant with financial obligations and is late on interest payments for investors, InRento charges a 0.1% loan administration fee on the late interest penalty.

Finally, InRento projects in which investors have a variable capital gain or, in other words, a share of the profits, will be subject to an accounting fee.

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Would you invest via Inrento?
Was ist die Zielbranche der Inrento Crowdfunding-Website?

Inrento bietet an, in verschiedene Crowdfunding-Möglichkeiten aus dem Sektor Real estate zu investieren.

Wie hoch ist der Mindestbetrag, der für eine Investition bei Inrento Crowdfunding-Plattform zu investieren?

Bei Inrento können Sie mit einer Investition von 500€ beginnen.

Welche Arten von Investitionen bietet die Inrento Crowdfunding-Plattform zur Verfügung?

Die Investitionsmodelle Inrento arbeitet ist Buy-to-let.

InRento is a crowdfunding platform based in Lithuania which works only with real estate loans. Also, it is authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. The platform has been operating only since 2020 but already has an investment brokerage license.
InRento is a crowdfunding platform based in Lithuania with a promised return that is below average. Even though the platform still does not have important sections, for instance, auto-invest, buyback guarantee, and statistics, they are already licensed and supervised by a governmental authority due to the team’s comprehensive knowledge and level of operation in the fintech industry.
InRento currently employs seven people who all are Lithuanians and with rather extensive backgrounds in the finance industry. The CEO Gustas Germanavičius is also Co-Founder of Europe’s largest Real Estate crowdfunding aggregator EvoEstate and a licensed investment advisor.
Would you invest via Inrento?
Would you invest via Inrento?
Gustas Germanavičius
Gustas Germanavičius
Deividas Urbanovičius
Deividas Urbanovičius
Alex Bozhko
Alex Bozhko
Paulius Palevičius
Paulius Palevičius
Chris Kanwei
Chris Kanwei
Arvydas Strumskis
Arvydas Strumskis
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