Plateforme vérifiée

Scramble is a European-based fintech firm with HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s supported by a significant investor group, including senior execs from Facebook, Skype, and Miro.

Investissement minimum
10 EUR
Retour annoncé
Options de paiement
Credit card, Bank transfer
Volume de financement total
4,600,000 EUR
Durée moyenne du prêt
6 mois
Qu'est-ce que Scramble offrir?

Scramble, an innovative debt platform based in Estonia, offers passive income opportunities by providing secured loans to consumer goods brands in Europe. Each month, Scramble presents a curated selection of high-growth brands seeking growth capital to investors. With an easy-to-use interface, investing with Scramble takes less than 5 minutes per month, making it suitable for both novice and experienced investors

Qui peut investir dans Scramble?

Most of our investors are in the EU area, but we also have some investors from other countries which are not prohibited by laws, sanctions, etc.

Would you invest via Scramble?

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