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Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
Faustina House  XIV
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  • Spacious 5-acre plot of land: Each A++ energy class home will have not only a spacious terrace but also a private plot of land where you can create a dream garden, a children's playground, a cozy relaxation area, or simply enjoy the privacy of nature.
  • 15 years of experience: The company has been operating in the real estate market for 15 years and has a deep understanding of market specifics and customer needs.
  • Solid financial foundation: The project owner has already invested EUR 270 000 in land acquisition and project development, demonstrating a strong commitment to the project and its success.
  • The house and the apartment in the semi-detached house have been sold: House and apartment in Faustina's House project are already for sale! The sale proceeds amount to EUR 357 000 incl. VAT. 

Project Rating (Project Loss Risk): A. This rating is consistent with the previous project rating of B-

About the project owner:
The project owner has extensive experience in the real estate industry. He has successfully completed around 20 residential projects. This experience gives him deep knowledge of the real estate market, the construction process, and effective project management.

Project objective:
The owner of the project is developing a 15-apartment gated project "Faustinos Namai". The first phase of construction consisted of 3 semi-detached houses and 1 detached house. More about the project here. On the Profitus platform, the owner of the project finances the first construction phase by mortgaging 3 plots of land with building permits on which the project is being developed. The total buildable area of the first phase is 709.90 m2, the apartments are 91 - 110 m2. The apartments in the duplexes will be sold fully finished. The estimated sales revenue is EUR 1 478 000 including VAT.

Progress of apartment construction according to the Centre of Registers:

  • Apartment Faustinos st. 13B-1: 85% completed
  • Apartment Faustinos st. 13B-2: 85% completed
  • Apartment Faustinos st. 13E-1: 85% completed
  • Apartment Faustinos st. 13F-1: 100% completed
  • Apartment Faustinos st. 13F-2: 100% completed

The maximum amount to be financed: EUR 700 000 (existing active portfolio EUR 605 000). The project is financed on the basis of the current valuation of the collateral until it reaches the established maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70% LTV. Once the maximum LTV has been reached, a new valuation of the property will have to be carried out and further rounds of financing for the Project will only be advertised and collected if the set maximum LTV is not exceeded

Interest by investment amount:
– From EUR 100 to EUR 299 – 9.20%
– From EUR 300 to EUR 749 – 9.70%
– From EUR 750 to EUR 2 999 – 10.20%
– From EUR 3 000 to EUR 4 999 – 10.70%
– From EUR 5 000 – 11.20%
Important: investments made separately are not aggregated and cannot be pooled.

We plan to raise the amount within 7 days, with the option of extending it to 21 days if we do not raise funds.

Sv. Faustinos st., Skaidiskiu Village, Nemezio Elderage, Vilnius District Municipality, Lithuania

About the Profitus

Profitus Verifizierte Plattform

Profitus is a crowdfunding and investment platform with a minimum investment of 100 euros, secured by real estate or warranty. It operates 24/7 and collaborates with Paysera, Trustly, and Creditinfo.

Minimale Investition
100 EUR
Ausgeschriebene Rücksendung
Direct debit, Bank transfer
126,833,230 EUR
Durchschnittliche Kreditdauer
Was bedeutet Profitus bieten?

Profitus is a crowdfunding and investment platform whose main goal is to make investment available to everyone. Investments start at 100 euros, and the platform is open 24/7. Investments are secured by pledging real estate and other collateral (e.g., indemnity or warranty). Different projects have different security tools that users can access in self-service for each project.

Profitus consults with the Bank of Lithuania in order to ensure perfect compliance with the law. Monetary operations on the platform are carried out in cooperation with Paysera and Trustly. The risk relating to the project and project owner are assessed on the basis of information provided by Creditinfo.

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