Verifizierte Plattform is a leading European platform for impact investing. It connects companies with a positive environmental and social impact with investors looking to give a sense of purpose to their savings.

Minimale Investition
100 EUR
Ausgeschriebene Rücksendung
Credit card, Bank transfer
150,000,000 EUR
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Was bedeutet bieten ? is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to sustainable and ethical investments. Set up in 2014 by Eva Sadoun and Julien Benayoun in France, has collected more than 150 million euros from 30.000 investors to successfully finance more than 300 campaigns. Due to its growth, has duplicated its model in Belgium with the help of its shareholders, the financial cooperative CREDAL, the 4Wings Foundation and Impact Capital. enable individuals to invest, as of € 100, in enterprises having a strong positive impact. Today, has over 50 employees spread across three countries: France, Belgium and Italy.

As a player in ethical finance, is developing a direct financing model. The goal? To democratize finance, make it more transparent and allow companies to develop so that they can meet today’s social and climate challenges.

The platform connects individuals wishing to give a sense of purpose to their money with carefully selected companies, identified for their impact and economic potential. offers both debt and capital investments (crowdlending and crowdequity).

In wen kann investiert werden ?

You can invest as a private individual or as a company. To access all information and to be able to invest, in accordance with the regulations, you must first complete your investor profile. The main information to be provided is as follows:

1. Your identity

2. Your investment preferences

3. Your professional situation and your (potential) experiences with investments

Was sind Gebühren ?

Registration is completely free of charge.

When you invest in the capital of a company, applies a commission only at the point of investing. This commission is degressive from 3% to 1%, depending on the amount invested. It covers the costs of electronic signature, secure payment, file management, and representation in the context of the General Meetings and the Shareholders’ Agreement in order to defend investors interests. also offers reportings, provides tax certificates (to benefit from tax reduction), pays interests and proceeds to the capital refunds.

There are no other costs for you during the life of your investment, nor at exit. ist Mitglied von EUROCROWD.
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Was ist die Zielbranche der Crowdfunding-Website? bietet an, in verschiedene Crowdfunding-Möglichkeiten aus dem Sektor Startups, SME, Sustainability, Green energy, Social cause, Farming zu investieren.

Wie hoch ist der Mindestbetrag, der für eine Investition bei Crowdfunding-Plattform zu investieren?

Bei können Sie mit einer Investition von 100€ beginnen.

Welche Arten von Investitionen bietet die Crowdfunding-Plattform zur Verfügung?

Die Investitionsmodelle arbeitet ist Equity, Debt. Alternativen

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