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Trine makes it easy for people to invest in solar energy in growing markets, offering a return on investment that’s good for people, for planet and for profit.

Investissement minimum
25 EUR
Retour annoncé
Options de paiement
Credit card, Bank transfer
Volume de financement total
91,002,195 EUR
Durée moyenne du prêt
60 mois
Qu'est-ce que Trine offrir?

Trine is an investment platform that links you directly to investment opportunities in solar energy projects in markets like Nigeria, India, Vietnam, Chile and other growing markets.

Expensive and unreliable power is one of the most significant hurdles to sustainable economic growth in emerging markets today. Solar companies that generate clean and affordable electricity in these markets need capital in order for clean energy solutions to scale.

By matching solar companies in emerging markets with private capital, Trine can bridge the financing gap and provide investors with an investment opportunity with a direct positive impact on people and the planet.

You invest in loans to solar companies in emerging markets, providing them with capital to supply clean, affordable and stable electricity where it is needed the most. That way, you can make a direct environmental and social impact with your money while earning a return on your investment. A win-win!

All projects have gone through a comprehensive risk assessment and approval by our investment team before going live on the site. We then monitor the borrowers’ performance and impact on an ongoing basis. You can monitor your investments through your Trine dashboard.

Solar companies use the capital to fund their business and install solar systems for their end-customers. Their customers can be anything from families, schools and hospitals to large-scale businesses. Once the solar company starts to repay their loan, you receive capital and interest in return. Repayments can be reinvested to make an even larger impact.

Every investment makes a positive impact on people and the planet by enabling solar companies to provide people and businesses with access to clean electricity – avoiding CO2 emissions and accelerating sustainable economic growth.

Qui peut investir dans Trine?

Anyone can join Trine! Trine is an investment platform regulated by the Swedish Financial Services Authority (Finansinspektionen). Your first investment is guaranteed up to €100. Minimum investment amount is €25.

Over 14 000 investors across Europe already use Trine to make a difference with their money. Join us in creating a better planet!

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