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StockCrowd IN

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StockCrowd IN connects investors with the most established real estate companies in the sector. Our mission is to transform the way companies relate to their communities. We are authorized by the CNMV.

Investissement minimum
50 EUR
Retour annoncé
Options de paiement
Bank transfer, Credit card
Volume de financement total
81,735,129 EUR
Durée moyenne du prêt
11 mois
Qu'est-ce que StockCrowd IN offrir?

StockCrowd IN connects investors with the most established real estate companies in the real estate sector. Its mission is to transform the way businesses interact with their communities.

On the one hand, it offers real estate developers an alternative financing channel, providing the necessary technology and legal framework to finance their projects. On the other hand, it provides private and institutional investors the possibility of investing in the real estate market, with a very strict opportunity selection process.

Qui peut investir dans StockCrowd IN?

Like any other type of investment, any natural person with the capacity to act and any legal entity can invest.

Regulation (EU) 2020/1503 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of October 7, 2020, in its Annex II defines the types of investors (experienced and professional) as well as their investment limits.

You can invest as a foreigner, too. To do this you must provide us with a certificate of tax residence in accordance with the double taxation agreement with Spain in case you are a non-resident. If you are a foreigner, we will need a NIF for real estate operations, which is unnecessary for other companies.

Quels sont StockCrowd IN frais?

Opening an account at StockCrowd IN is entirely free.

We do not charge any direct commission to the investor for investing with StockCrowd IN. This does not mean that the investor does not pay specific fees indirectly.


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Quel est le secteur d'activité cible du StockCrowd IN site web de crowdfunding?

StockCrowd IN propose d’investir dans diverses opportunités de crowdfunding du secteur Real estate.

Quel est le montant minimum requis pour investir sur StockCrowd IN plateforme de crowdfunding?

Chez StockCrowd IN, vous pouvez commencer à investir avec 50€.

Quels types d'investissement la plateforme de crowdfunding StockCrowd IN plateforme de crowdfunding ?

Le modèle d’investissement StockCrowd IN fonctionne est P2P lending.

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