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Rendity is a European investment platform that provides an investment depot for real estate, allowing investors to create a customized portfolio with transparent project details. The platform features a unique investor-wallet for capital control.

Investissement minimum
100 EUR
Retour annoncé
Options de paiement
Credit card, Bank transfer
Volume de financement total
Durée moyenne du prêt
19 mois
Qu'est-ce que Rendity offrir ?

Rendity, is more than just an investment platform—it’s a pioneer in the European real estate market and revolutionizes investing. Investors can create tailored portfolios with diverse real estate projects.

Qui peut investir dans Rendity ?
  1. Any person with a bank account within the European Union (EU) can make investments on our platform upon reaching the age of 18.
  2. Companies with a bank account within the European Union (EU) can also invest.
Quels sont Rendity frais ?
  1. Development Projects: Investors can fund new construction or renovation projects. These typically offer a higher potential return due to the increased risks associated with development projects, such as construction delays or cost overruns. However, these risks are mitigated by thorough due diligence on each project.
  2. Income Properties: These are existing properties that generate steady rental income. The return on these investments is typically more predictable and stable, and income is usually distributed to investors on a regular basis.
  3. Savings-Plan: Rendity’s savings-plan is designed for investors who want to regularly invest smaller amounts in real estate projects. This approach allows investors to gradually build a diversified portfolio with their chosen investment frequency and amount. It is an ideal way to capitalize on the power of compound interest over time, potentially leading to substantial growth in the long term. It’s a flexible plan, allowing you to adjust or stop your contributions at any time.
  4. Bond: Rendity also offers real estate bonds as an investment opportunity. A bond is essentially a loan that an investor provides to a real estate project or company. In return for the loan, the investor receives regular interest payments for a defined period, and the initial investment (the principal) is repaid at the end of the bond term. Bonds can offer a stable return and are generally considered a lower-risk investment compared to equity investments. However, it’s essential to remember that all investments carry some level of risk, and investors should thoroughly review each bond’s terms and conditions before investing.
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Would you invest via Rendity?
Quel est le secteur d'activité cible du Rendity site web de crowdfunding?

Rendity propose d’investir dans diverses opportunités de crowdfunding du secteur Real estate.

Quel est le montant minimum requis pour investir sur Rendity plateforme de crowdfunding?

Chez Rendity, vous pouvez commencer à investir avec 100€.

Quels types d'investissement la plateforme de crowdfunding Rendity plateforme de crowdfunding ?

Le modèle d’investissement Rendity fonctionne est Equity, Debt.

Informations générales
Rendity is an Austrian crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2015. The platform is supervised by government authority and has an investment brokerage licence. Rendity offers two loan types, which are real estate and development loans. To date, more than EUR 68 million has been invested through the platform. 
Rendity, an Austrian crowdfunding platform with the promised return of up to 7% annually. The investment can be diversified as the platform offers two loan types: real estate and development loans. Rendity’s team is made of experienced professionals in the real estate and financial sectors. The team’s experience brings transparency and trust to the platform. Because investors can be sure that they are investing in real estate projects that are approved by experts. Autoinvest and withdrawal options are available through the platform and there is collateral to the payment of loans. Rendity does not publish its annual reports and historical loan books, but shares statistical figures.
L'équipe du conseil
Rendity publishes information about its owners, directors, board of advisors and other team members. Directors and advisors are experienced professionals in real estate and financial industries with strong academic backgrounds, which makes investing through the platform more reliable. Other team members have related academic and professional experiences related to the industry as well.
Would you invest via Rendity?
Would you invest via Rendity?
Lukas Müller
Stephan Holzbach

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