Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland

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Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland is the only crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands focusing exclusively on hospitality.

Via Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland you can lend money from €250, together with other investors, to Dutch companies that are active in the catering sector. These can be both starting and established catering companies.

As an investor, you know exactly to whom you are going to lend your money and you can visit the companies yourself (if desired). The interest and repayment obligations are paid on a monthly basis, so that the risk capital provided decreases during the term.

In addition to a financial return, most hospitality entrepreneurs also offer a return in kind via this platform. That is of course a nice bonus, where the knife cuts both ways. The investor enjoys the hospitality and the expenditure benefits the return of the company.

Horeca Crowdfunding also offers real estate financing. It is a condition here that the applicant comes from the catering industry and that the building is used for catering purposes. All founders of the platform have a hospitality background. In their own words, this industry knowledge helps enormously when assessing crowdfunding projects.

Informations clés

  • ECSP license Yes
  • Platform Fee 2%
  • Payment Fee 0,035%
  • Interest rate 7.5%
  • Secondary market No
  • Registration number 19000061
  • Languages Dutch
  • Address Beursplein 37 3011 AA Rotterdam
  • Who can invest? Via Horeca Crowdfunding Nederland you can lend money from €250.

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