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EstateGuru is a marketplace for property-backed loans, connecting borrowers with a large investor base for quick access to funds. Investors can find diversified investment opportunities.

Investissement minimum
50 EUR
Retour annoncé
Options de paiement
Volume de financement total
711,391,541 EUR
Durée moyenne du prêt
Qu'est-ce que EstateGuru offrir ?

Estateguru finances projects which have solid collateral, using first-rank mortgages, to achieve straightforward and secure funding in real estate lending. This model is especially useful for entrepreneurs who struggle with the `one-size-fits-all` policies of banks and gives everyone the opportunity to invest at an average historical interest rate of 11.8%.

Currently, the borrowers and properties are in Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Portugal and Spain whereas investments reach us from 108 countries. 100% of Estateguru’s borrowers are small and medium sized companies.

While every form of investing carries a degree of risk we reduce this risk to our investors by conducting thorough due diligence and by taking real estate security on every loan, in case the borrower is unable to repay their loan.

Qui peut investir dans EstateGuru ?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account in any of the EEA member states or Switzerland in order to lend through Estateguru. We also have to perform certain “know your customer” checks before you can start building your portfolio.

Quels sont EstateGuru frais ?

Owning an investment account via Estateguru is free of charge. Estateguru charges a 3% fee for selling claims via the Secondary Market (the fee is applied to the seller) and a €1 service fee which is calculated and charged every time an investor withdraws funds from the virtual account.

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Would you invest via EstateGuru?
Quel est le secteur d'activité cible du EstateGuru site web de crowdfunding?

EstateGuru propose d’investir dans diverses opportunités de crowdfunding du secteur Real estate.

Quel est le montant minimum requis pour investir sur EstateGuru plateforme de crowdfunding?

Chez EstateGuru, vous pouvez commencer à investir avec 50€.

Quels types d'investissement la plateforme de crowdfunding EstateGuru plateforme de crowdfunding ?

Le modèle d’investissement EstateGuru fonctionne est P2P lending.

Informations générales
EstateGuru is an Estonian crowdfunding platform, with a focus on Real estate and Mortgage loans. Founded in 2013, it has accumulated over 87000+ registered investors and raised over €386’000’000 in investments. A great platform is offering annual returns of 11% on property collateralized projects where LTV is averaged at 59%, slightly higher in comparison to competition within property crowdfunding.
EstateGuru was launched in 2013 in Estonia, with a focus on the Real Estate market. Up to now, EstateGuru has gained over 87’000 investors and phenomenally raised over € 386,300,000. With an average return of 11%, Investors are easily attracted to collateralized projects that Estateguru offers, with an addition of an average LTV of 59%. With an average loan term of repaid loans standing at 11.4 months, this can be a great investment opportunity with the right length span for any investor looking for a stable, high return perfectly matched with good quality investments. Additionally, EstateGuru offers services such as secondary markets and auto-invest, therefore creating diversity and flexibility of possible investments with favourable terms. To finish off, there is only a single con at present, where a feature of buyback guarantee is not offered by EstateGuru, but several significant advantages and reliable aspects include average investment commissions of 2% when selling claims via the secondary market function, along with every project being collateralized for investment security.
L'équipe du conseil
There are two board members – Marko and Mihkel, who are presented as a ‘Partner’ and ‘Chief Operating Officer’ at EstateGuru. Marko Arro and Mihkel Stamm are both Estonian entrepreneurs, with education from Estonian Business School and Tartu Ulikool respectively.
Would you invest via EstateGuru?
Would you invest via EstateGuru?

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