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Crowdestate is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace providing pre-vetted investment opportunities with a low 100 euro minimum investment, a secondary market, and an autoinvest feature.

Investissement minimum
100 EUR
Retour annoncé
Options de paiement
Bank transfer
Volume de financement total
131,000,000 EUR
Durée moyenne du prêt
13 mois
Qu'est-ce que Crowdestate offrir?

Crowdestate (founded in 2014) is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace offering high-quality, pre-vetted real estate, business, and mortgage loan investment opportunities.

Our relationships with experienced real estate developers give us access to a large number of off-market real estate investments. Only the best opportunities surviving in our rigorous due diligence process are published for investing. Extensive background information, business plans, and financial models combined with a low 100 euro minimum investment are making investing quick and easy.

Besides the low minimum investment amount, our investors benefit from:

– using the secondary market for selling and buying investments;
– autoinvest feature which will invest for them to the projects they desire;
– setting up multiple investment accounts for private and/or business use;
– investing in the platform without fees.

Crowdestate is changing the way we are investing in real estate.

Qui peut investir dans Crowdestate?

Individual, corporate and institutional investors.

Quels sont Crowdestate frais?

Crowdestate membership is free.

There is no investing fee in the primary and secondary markets. There is a 2% + VAT transaction fee for selling investments in the secondary market. The fee will be charged to the seller’s account simultaneously to concluding the sales-purchase transaction.

Any fees payable to Crowdestate are embedded into the transaction and disclosed in detail within financial models.

In a few cases, investors are expected to cover Crowdestate’s direct costs related to bank transactions (international payments etc).

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Would you invest via Crowdestate?
Quel est le secteur d'activité cible du Crowdestate site web de crowdfunding?

Crowdestate propose d’investir dans diverses opportunités de crowdfunding du secteur Real estate.

Quel est le montant minimum requis pour investir sur Crowdestate plateforme de crowdfunding?

Chez Crowdestate, vous pouvez commencer à investir avec 100€.

Quels types d'investissement la plateforme de crowdfunding Crowdestate plateforme de crowdfunding ?

Le modèle d’investissement Crowdestate fonctionne est Debt, P2P lending.

Informations générales
Crowdestate, an Estonian crowdfunding platform was founded in 2014. The platform is a regulated payment institution licensed from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Crowdestate three loan types: business, mortgage and development loans. To date, more than EUR 106 million has been invested through the platform in different projects in several countries such as in Estonia, Latvia and Italy.
Crowdestate is a crowdfunding platform with the promised return of 15%, which is above the market average return, and with the option to diversify the investments. The platform offers necessary features such as autoinvest and secondary market, but there is no buyback guarantee. However, there is a personal guarantee for some loans, and collateral to the payment of loans. There is information about the key team members on their web page, the team is made of professionals with experience in the financial sector. The platform publishes its annual reports, historical loan books with limited information. The latest annual report is available that shows that the platform had sufficient current assets to meet its short term obligation, and it was more equity financed. Crowdestate had some cases of the projects going bankrupt, and the loans were partially covered.
L'équipe du conseil
Crowdestate shares the information about its team or key people as mentioned on their web page. The crowdestate team is coming from academic backgrounds related to the industry such as the CEO, Loit Linnupõld who has a master's degree in International Finance. Also, the team has professional experience in the financial industry, for instance, the CEO has worked in the banking and private equity sectors. Other team members have related previous experiences related to their positions such as business development.
Would you invest via Crowdestate?
Would you invest via Crowdestate?

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