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  • Inspring Founded:
    Inspring connects startups and private investors. It cooperates with entrepreneurial environments, accelerator companies, professional investors and selected banks to strengthen both the entrepreneurial and investment culture in Denmark. Company profile
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  • Sowefund Founded: 2013
    A long-standing player in participatory investment in startups, Sowefund is a leading platform specializing in financing innovation. In four years of activity, they have supported 35 companies, for more than 17 million euros raised. Sowefund's team specializes in venture capital, analyses the files and supports startups in their fundraising effort.
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  • Crowd For Angels Founded: 2014
    Crowd For Angels is a UK based crowdfunding platform that offers companies and investors opportunities to raise and invest funds in different projects. Crowdfunding opportunities include shares (equity), crowd bonds (debt) and digitalized assets (cryptocurrencies).
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