SME crowdfunding platforms in United Kingdom

Find out the best SME crowdfunding platforms in United Kingdom and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Bridge Crowd Founded: 2014
    The Bridgecrowd helps to improve finances by borrowing and lending between each other, secured over the property. The platform offers peer-to-peer bridging loans secured over UK property.
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  • Startupxplore Founded: 2014
    Startupxplore is a premium platform that offers investment opportunities in companies at an early stage but with great prospects for growth and profitability, in which a professional investor with experience has already confirmed his participation and invests his capital, and where Startupxplore also invests. Investors registered with Startupxplore can invest under the same conditions as the reference investor, and share their experience and knowledge.
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  • Lendingcrowd Founded: 2014
    LendingCrowd is a fast-growing fintech lending platform. It funds ambitions and enables British businesses to grow by connecting them with lenders seeking a better return on their money. Its Growth Account offers a target rate of 4.6%* by automatically creating a diversified portfolio of business loans.
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  • IntroCrowd Founded: 2015
    Intro Crowd made strategic land business. The platform is designed to make the investment process as straight forward as possible for investors.
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  • Huddle Capital Founded: 2016
    Huddle Capital is a straightforward, peer to peer business lending platform, matching investors with borrowers, to support the growth of UK SMEs.
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  • Leap Lending Founded: 2016
    Leap Lending is a P2P platform which offers competitive rates for both investors and borrowers alike, incentives for staying on track and paying off your debt, and tips on financial well-being.
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  • AxiaFunder Founded: 2017
    AxiaFunder is an online crowdfunding platform that connects investors with carefully vetted commercial litigation opportunities.
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  • Sancus Founded: 2017
    Sancus is an alternative financial services provider, offering borrowers fast access to funds and co-funders attractive, risk-adjusted returns.
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  • FundingKnight Founded: 2017
    FundingKnight provides flexible lending solutions for businesses in need of money quickly. By taking a holistic approach to credit assessment it can develop solutions that fit the individual requirements of each SME.
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