SME crowdfunding platforms in Portugal

Find out the best SME crowdfunding platforms in Portugal and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Edebex Founded: 2014
    Edebex is an online marketplace where companies can quickly and easily sell their client invoices to investors. This means that they will receive their money in a few days, without waiting for the due date of the invoice. Also investors are making a good deal as this investment provides them with a significant higher return than other investments on the market with a limited risk.
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  • Raize Founded: 2014
    Raize is one of the leading funders of Portuguese SMEs and one of the largest investment communities in Portugal. We work with the best Portuguese companies to invest in the future of our country. At Raize, companies can obtain financing in 5 days, in a practical way and at very competitive costs.
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