SME crowdfunding platforms in Norway

Find out the best SME crowdfunding platforms in Norway and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Perx Founded: 2016
    PERX is a marketplace lending platform for private loans in Norway. The company facilitates an online platform that enables people to borrow and lend money securely from each other without the involvement of banks. That’s why PERX are able to provide lower rates for the borrower and attractive return for lenders.
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  • Fundingpartner Founded: 2016
    FundingPartner allows small and medium-sized companies to borrow money directly from Norwegian lenders, in exchange for 5-20% interest. All loans are carefully analyzed by a team of analysts who have background from leading finance and consulting companies such as Swedbank, NBIM (the Petroleum Fund), Danske Bank and McKinsey.
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  • Monner Founded: 2017
    Monner is a digital platform that puts money into work. It puts companies with growth ambitions in direct contact with investors. One can be relatively small, and yet create a great experience or be of great importance. Monner recognizes and supports those who want and can do more, only they get the opportunity. This applies to both companies and investors.
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