SME crowdfunding platforms in Lithuania

Find out the best SME crowdfunding platforms in Lithuania and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Neofinance Founded: 2014
    NEO Finance is one of the leading P2P lending platforms in Lithuania. The platform is an intermediary for consumer loans that connects lenders directly with borrowers with the intention that lenders can earn higher returns. Offering international investors possibility to invest in the loans of Lithuanian consumer credit receivers.
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  • Lenndy Founded: 2015
    Lenndy is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, where investors can invest in loans by buying out prior issued loan rights. Using the platform operators’ technological solutions, non-banking loan administrators have the option to transfer rights of claim arising from any credit agreement.
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  • Debitum Network Founded: 2017
    Debitum Network is an independent, transparent, and decentralized alternative financing eco-system which provides businesses with the opportunity to acquire capital and fulfil their needs of financing and growth using light technology. It helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to acquire the so necessary financing and advises clients on investments, assess and insure their credit risk, employ investors’ money and collect debts.
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