P2P lending crowdfunding platforms in Latvia

Find out the best P2P lending crowdfunding platforms in Latvia and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Twino Founded: 2009
    TWINO has played a crucial role in the rapid expansion of P2P lending in Continental Europe. The platform connects investors seeking premium returns with borrowers searching for convenient loans. Twino is the first platform to introduce P2P lending to emerging markets such as Russia and Kazakhstan.
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  • Mintos Founded: 2016
    Mintos is a Latvian crowdfunding platform that connects investors from all over the world with loans originated by a variety of international and Mintos-authenticated alternative lending companies. It offers to invest in consumer and business fields detailed below: mortgage, cars, short-term, personal loans, invoice financing, business, agricultural loans.
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  • Via Invest Founded: 2016
    VIAINVEST is a peer-to-peer marketplace for private investors – individuals and legal entities – to invest into loans originated by non-banking lenders – the VIA SMS Group and its subsidiaries. Originated loan portfolios mainly consist of short-term consumer loan claims across Europe.
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  • DoFinance Founded: 2016
    DoFinance is an innovative and fast-growing global FinTech player in online investment management devoted to build the most technology-advanced platform for easy and smart investing. Its business essence is consumer loans and P2P investment platform services for private individuals.
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  • Bulkestate Founded: 2016
    Bulkestate is a real estate crowdfunding and group-buying platform. The platform enables to invest in P2P real estate investment projects and earn passive income. There is also an opportunity to buy a real estate below the market price by using our bulk-deals.
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  • Grupeer Founded: 2016
    Grupeer is a Baltic innovative online peer-to-peer lending platform established by professionals in finance, risk analysis, IT, developing and real estate. All of the loan deals are provided with a guaranteed Buy Back and borrowers pass scoring and compliance.
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  • Crowdestor Founded: 2017
    Crowdestor is a business crowdfunding platform providing access to liquidity to business. The platform connects investors around the world and business. Investors gain the possibility to earn decent investment returns, whereas business grows its turnover and profit from which it pays out the interest rates.
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  • EstateGuru Founded: 2018
    EstateGuru is the leading European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans. Due to the large and diversified investor base, with millions of EUR available to lend, its borrowers can get the money they need to realise their plans quickly and investors can access pre-vetted and diversified, cross-border investment opportunities.
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