Equity crowdfunding platforms in Austria

Find out the best Equity crowdfunding platforms in Austria and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Conda Founded: 2012
    CONDA is an Austrian crowdfunding platform that offers investments in real estate, startups, and SME. Returns range from 4.5% to 10% based on the investment project. Repayment duration is from 5 years if you invest in a startup and from 3 years if you invest in an SME.
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  • 1000×1000 Founded: 2012
    The crowdfunding platform 1000x1000.at connects people who are looking for money to implement their innovative business ideas with investors and buyers who want to support great companies.
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  • DasErtragReich Founded: 2015
    The Austrian crowd investing platform focuses on small and medium-sized companies. dasErtragReich was founded with the motivation to create a connection between citizens and successful regional companies with capital requirements.
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  • Dagobertinvest Founded: 2016
    dagobertinvest is a crowinvesting platform from Austria. The platform offers financing participation in projects of medium-sized companies and real estate. The management consultancy zederbauer + partner is behind dagobertinvest.
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  • Danube Angels Founded: 2017
    Danube Angels negotiate each investment contract with the companies personally for their investors in order to make investments possible for you that would otherwise not be available on the market in this form.
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