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  • getnext Founded: 2020
    getnext is a marketplace where artists and creators can offer their fans special content directly, such as streams, videos, special tickets, music, images and personal exchange - as a one-off payment or subscription.
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  • Stralsund Crowd Founded: 2020
    Stralsund Crowd is a crowdfunding platform where people can present projects to a wide audience and finance them with the support of many. The projects can come from different areas: art and culture, sport, social and environmental issues or education. The only condition: the project benefits the community in and around Stralsund.
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  • JENA CROWD Founded: 2020
    With the JENA CROWD, Stadtwerke Jena gives associations, initiatives and doers from the fields of sport, culture, social affairs and the environment the opportunity to present their ideas and projects to a wide audience and to finance them with the support of many people.
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  • Oberhausen Crowd Founded: 2020
    The Oberhausen Crowd is a crowdfunding platform where people can present different idea or project and get the implementation financed with the support of the people from Oberhausen city.
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  • Celle crowd Founded: 2020
    Does your sports club urgently need equipment such as jerseys, does your kindergarten need new play equipment or does your animal welfare club urgently need donations? Here you have the opportunity to present your project and collect donations from friends, acquaintances and other supporters. The Stadtwerke Celle provide a funding pot that provides grants with every single donation. The more people donate to a project, the higher the grant.
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