Debt crowdfunding platforms in Austria

Find out the best Debt crowdfunding platforms in Austria and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • LION ROCKET Founded: 2016
    LION ROCKET is an international crowdfunding platform that specializes in the financing of small and medium-sized companies. With the increasingly popular "crowdfunding" financing model, investments in innovation and growth projects by established and experienced companies are also made accessible to small investors.
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  • Beton Gold Founded: 2016
    Together with the real estate experts from Bau & Boden, Betongold makes the professional real estate market accessible to investors from as little as € 500. Every Betongold's projects are carefully and economically examined by the real estate experts from Bau & Boden.
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  • Immo Funding Founded: 2016
    Immo Funding is a simple Viennese real-estate crowd investing platform. The company offers an opportunity for investors to directly invest in both small and large-scale property development projects.
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  • Crowd4Climate Founded: 2016
    Crowd4Climate offers you the opportunity to invest even small contributions in promising projects in Austria and developing countries. The project sponsors can implement projects that make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases through energy efficiency measures and the expansion of renewable energy sources.
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  • RECrowd Founded: 2018
    RECrowd Crowdinvesting is an innovative internet platform from Vienna. It helps to participate in attractive real estate projects by means of crowd investing. In this way, RECrowd is also opening up the exciting real estate market to small investors, which until now has been dominated by large investors.
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  • Anjia Invest Founded: 2019
    Anjia Invest is the crowd investing platform for the transparent and direct participation of investors and small investors in real estate projects. Investors have the opportunity to make a capital investment in the popular real estate sector with little capital investment.
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