Crowdfunding platforms in Denmark

Find crowdfunding platforms in Denmark and learn how to invest in the best offerings.

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  • Inspring Founded:
    Inspring connects startups and private investors. It cooperates with entrepreneurial environments, accelerator companies, professional investors and selected banks to strengthen both the entrepreneurial and investment culture in Denmark. Company profile
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  • FlexFunding Founded: 2013
    Flex Funding offers loan based crowdfunding for businesses and a technology platform to the global financial industry. Investors and Businesses benefit from a high speed, disruptive value chain providing SME’s with simple and affordable loans, favourable yields in comparison to negative interest on deposits and poor yields on bonds.
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  • Lendino Founded: 2014
    Lendino is a marketplace for loans where individuals and organizations can lend directly to smaller Danish companies. Companies apply quickly and easily on transparent terms. Lenders provide financing at an attractive interest rate.
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  • Brickshare Founded: 2016
    Brickshare is an award-winning property investment platform that allows you to build your own property portfolio. It is the first and only online investment platform in Denmark, where you can invest in real estate from 10.000 Kr. Brikshare has a license as a manager of alternative investment funds, and handles all the practicalities in relation to the purchase of property, rental, law and administration.
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